Breathwork Practice

The Breathwork Association of Australia, states that:

Breathwork is a profoundly effective breathing and therapeutic process that: activates the body's natural healing, promotes self-exploration and self-awareness, [and] offers a path to conscious personal transformation

and goes on to say that

Breathwork provides a meaningful, non-verbal path to self-knowledge, inner wisdom and health that encourages greater physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance and wellness in life.


Breathwork is a holistic modality based on ancient principles, that teaches conscious connected breathing as a way of processing material that is held in the body and connecting to one’s vital energy.

Some of the benefits of breathwork include:

  • strengthening connection to self
  • increasing connection to your body/somatic awareness
  • releasing emotional material that is held in the body
  • enabling one to come from choice
  • increasing mindfulness
  • processing loss, grief, traumas
  • creating new belief systems
  • reducing stress, anxiety and stagnation
  • enhancing relationships

What does a session look like?

Once you make a booking, you will arrive at your session to share your current concerns with your practitioner. You will then be guided into a dynamic breathing cycle, and supported as required. Towards the end, your practitioner will help you to return to a normal breath and following the completion of the breathing part of the session, you will have time to share any insights or experiences you wish to, or you may choose to draw or write these down instead.

Some clients come as a one off, some for a few sessions and others may choose to come for a longer period of time depending on what they are working on.

Breathwork is unique in that it is client led, the practitioner supports and holds a safe space for you to explore and engage with your own process , providing interventions if required. Hence the practitioner supports you to access your own inner wisdom.

Some people describe they experience breathwork as:

  • a symbolic emotional or spiritual birth
  • empowering
  • helping them to feel more in tune with their bodies
  • helping them to feel more connected to their emotions
  • resulting in them feeling lighter or more freedom in life etc.

It is likely that you will come with an intention or goals that you are working on for a period of time, this could include, for example: support with life changes, transitions, career, parenting, life purpose, support with addictions, relationships and so forth.

Before your first breathwork session you will be required to fill out a client history form and I will describe the session in depth to you. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions.

Everyone is a Taoist at heart, everyone would like to follow nature but we don't have enough tools yet to put this philosophy into practice... as soon as someone gets sick they fight the illness, rather than trying to find out the meaning or the purpose behind it

Arnold Mindell

Breathwork and birthwork

As a birth doula and breathwork practitioner, I am able to offer support across both areas. Doula clients can ask for Breathwork sessions if they choose to.

Breathwork is suitable for the perinatal phase. It can be very beneficial for couples who are planning on conceiving, as a way of enhancing a conscious pregnancy, ‘preparing you for birth’ and allowing each parent to clear emotions that can support them on their parenting journey.

If a mother has any fears surrounding birth, often letting go of emotions that are in the way of her birthing can support her to feel more confident during birth.

It can be equally valuable as a way to help process a birth that has been traumatic. Often this can free a mother up to reclaim parts of herself and have a reparative experience. When a mother feels safe, connected to herself and her truth, it enhances her ability to connect with her newborn.

I look forward to writing more about the benefits of breathwork and motherhood in the future!


Breathwork practitioners are required to have completed a comprehensive set of requirements before they are able to register with a professional organisation.

Some Breathwork Practitioners practice other modalities too, whilst others are solely Breathwork Practitioners. For example; internationally some breathwork practitioners also practice as; psychotherapists, midwives, general practitioners, doula’s and body worker’s etc.

Breathwork practitioners are required to partake in annual CPE points, along with ongoing mentoring to maintain professional membership.

The breathwork training I undertook was an intensive training delivered over two years, comprising of both theoretical and practical work. There was extensive client hours and ongoing mentoring via a supervisor that were required prior to graduating.

Part of the training comprised of theoretical and experiential modules in: perinatal matrices, birth, birth trauma, attachment theory, family systems, trauma and the body, process orientated psychology, rites of passages, transpersonal, ethics and somatic work.

It is important in any modality you choose that you find a practitioner that you connect with and that you feel can be of therapeutic value in your life.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.