When I breathe with Becky, she listens deeply and holds incredible space for my self-healing. Most importantly, she makes me feel safe. Becky is very knowledgeable, not just from an intellectual perspective, but from an embodied and experiential level. When you feel called to commence your breathwork journey, I highly recommend Becky as your practitioner.


I experienced my first breathwork session as a group breath in 2014 and experienced quite a deep relaxation and levels of altered states of consciousness. I enjoyed It but it was not until the beginning of 2018 when I went on a breathwork retreat that I began to understand the truly healing power of my own breath and I felt a dramatic shift in energy. I started my one on one breathwork sessions with Becky in November 2018 and I have never felt so supported and held during what can be quite a vulnerable experience. Knowing that Becky was holding space for me, I felt comfortable and safe enough to delve deeper into my consciousness and was able to work through some past trauma that I had buried deep. Becky is a kind and caring practitioner, I cannot thank her enough. I have been able to explore my core beliefs and work on buried emotions. I have gotten to know myself on a deeper level. I am more aware of my body, my emotions and my life. For the first time I experienced self-love and acceptance. Getting to know myself through breathwork has been the most rewarding journey of my life.


I couldn’t recommend Becky more highly. My experience with her has been one of great holding space, where I have felt heard and safe. Breathwork has brought me deep therapy an helped me to look at my internal struggles and find my own strength. Becky has helped me discover and nourish this, and continues to do so.