The love and support that Becky provided me during the birth of my second child was absolutely amazing! Becky is very skilled at helping you to relax and her genuine care comes across for you in all the numerous extra thoughtful things she does to help and support you during your birth. I would highly recommend Becky as being an integral part of your support team for the birth of your child


Becky was my doula for my third birth and a gift from above. I found myself missing my dearly departed mum plus super busy with my two sons. Becky created the space for me to really honour my pregnancy and birth. Becky’s guided meditations, relaxation techniques and birth planning were incredible. She was involved in my Blessingway, which was such a sacred experience. Due to previous birth complications, I knew I was going to have a caesarean birth, but this didn’t stop Becky’s care, with her providing information so I could have the most natural caesarean birth possible. This was extremely important to me and integral to a positive birth experience. Simply put, I will always be grateful for having a doula and any woman who works with Becky is very blessed indeed.

Emma and baby Rosalina

Becky was a wonderful doula; calming, soothing, supportive, positive. I’m so blessed to have had her support before and during my daughters birth, it made such a difference to my mindset.